Complaints and Grievances

Richport Technical College (RTC) has established the following procedure for the handling of complaints and/or student grievances: 
The students have the freedom to present to the school’s administration a complaint and/or grievance about any situation that he/she feels is affecting their power to pursue their studies in RTC. The same can be presented in verbal or written form. RTC provides a form to help the students file their complaints and/or grievances. This form can be obtained at the School Director's Office.


Once a complaint and/or grievance have been filed, the administration will conduct an investigation as soon as it is possible and will inform the student the findings and the action recommended or taken. Student complaints relative to actions of schools’ officials shall be addressed to the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology, Baton Rouge, LA, Phone (225) 756-3404, only after the student has successfully attempted to resolve the matter with the school after having first filed a written and signed complaint with the school's officials.

To report an incident, please use the complaints form or contact any of our school personnel.


Complaints Process Conflicts Resolution

Schools accredited by the ACCSC must have a published procedure and operational plan for handling students’ complaints. If the student is concerned that the school, through its complaint process, has not adequately addressed the complaint or concern, the student can consider contacting the Accrediting Agency. All the complaints considered by the Commission must be in written form, with an authorization form signed by the complainant granting permission to the Commission to send a copy of the complaint to the school for a response. The complainant will be informed about the status of the complaint according to the final resolution of the Commission. Please direct complaints to:

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges

2101 Wilson Blvd. / Suite 302

Arlington, VA 22001

(703) 247-4212



A copy of the complaint form is available at the school and can be obtained contacting the Director. 

FERPA Privacy Law

In compliance with the 1974 “Family Educational Right and Privacy Act” Law, all students’ records as wells as all students’ information will be confidential and disclosure of such information will require a written authorization by the student, except in situations where the Act authorizes disclosure without prior knowledge. Exceptions indicated under the Act include: Institutional, Educative, and Federal officials, Auditors and when applying for Financial Aid. Information related to the directory that does not require student’s authorization includes: student's name, address, telephone number, dates of attendance, honors and awards and the institutions the student attended.