Consumer Disclosures

Richport Technical College values the quality of our programs and success of our future graduates.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires colleges to provide helpful consumer information about their operations to the general public, prospective students, current students, and when appropriate to their parents. This Consumer Disclosures website is intended to provide a central location of the college’s information that is not only compliant with the law but has additional information that is helpful to those interested in various aspects of Community HigherEd (a 501c3), doing business as: RICHPORT TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The IRS’s Internal Revenue Code and IRS Regulations require that non-profits make their forms 990 and 1023 available for public inspection.

The following information is provided as required by federal and state laws and regulations.

  • Graduates employed in industry and professional related fields include cosmetologists, hair dressers, barbers, makeup artists, movie and theatrical artists, skincare specialists, manicurists and pedicurists.

  • __% of the Title IV students complete the Cosmetology Program within the 12-month duration.

  • __% of the Title IV students complete the Nail Technician Program within the 6-month duration.

  • __% of the Title IV students complete the Esthetics Program within the 6-month duration.

  • ___ of program graduates were placed in industry related jobs according to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) job placement rate.

Recruiting Strategies

Richport Technical College is committed to ethical recruiting strategies, complying with ACCSC and other federal and state's regulations. We strive to ensure all prospective students are well-informed about our offered programs, admissions requirements, tuition and fees, rights and responsibilities, and other school policies. We do not engage in aggressive marketing tactics, such as excessive follow-up calls, robocalls, monetary incentives for enrollment, and attendance in employment agencies or social welfare centers. Also, our recruiters are not permitted to make exaggerated, false, and misleading statements about our programs and its admissions requirements, and they are not permitted to make discrediting statements regarding other institutions. If required by ACCSC or other regulatory agencies, we will conduct an audit in our recruiting strategies.


If you wish to remove your contact information in our recruiting database, please contact us at (225) 955-5151 during our business hours or email us at

Complaints and Grievances

Please visit this page for more information regarding complaints and grievances.