Cosmetology and Styling


The purpose of the Cosmetology program is to prepare the students at an entry level, with the required techniques and preparation to be developed, within the beauty industry. It is a 1500-hour, 18-month course. After the program completion, they will be able to integrate into the employment market in a variety of positions such as hairstylist, sales representatives, salon assistant, salon owners and many more.


The Louisiana Cosmetology Act Rules and Regulations are an important part of this Cosmetology course, as required by the state of Louisiana. Upon graduation, the students are going to be able to earn a diploma from the institution. Once they passed the test from the state board, they will be certified by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology as cosmetologists. This will qualify them for any job opportunities related to the field.


Continuing education is always recommended to all cosmetologists having completed this course.