The Esthetics program is a 750-hour, 6-7 months program that is distributed with theory, practical, and clinic work to help develop the skills the students need. Students will develop skills to provide services in Esthetics and makeup that include skin analysis, cleanliness, treatments, and corrections for skin conditions and irregularities. Students will also learn the right use of cosmetics and modern methods to stimulate blood circulation.


The Louisiana Cosmetology Act Rules and Regulations are an important part of this Esthetician course, as required by the state of Louisiana. Upon graduation, the students are going to be able to earn a diploma from the institution. Once they passed the test from the state board, they will be certified by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology as estheticians. This will qualify them for any job opportunities related to the field.


This course prepares the students to practice and perform at an entry-level as estheticians, cosmetic representatives, and makeup artists among others. Continuing education is always recommended to all nail technicians having completed this course.