Payment Plan

Payment plans will be discussed during your financial part of your application.

All students are required to pay the remaining balance of their tuition in full or setup a payment plan, interest free. They are encouraged to set up their payment plans to match the length of their programs, but they have the option to increase the length of the plan up to 15 months depending on the program of choice. However, state law requires students have paid their tuition in full before graduation.

Please click here to download a copy of the contract.

If you have additional questions about the payment plan, please contact the admissions office.


Students who do not have financial aid

Students who wish to pay in full must either pay their tuition in full during the admissions process or set up a payment plan. Please note students will be required to pay a down payment before they will be provided a start date. See below for the down payment for each programs:

Cosmetology: 50% of tuition 

Nail Technician: 50% of tuition 

Esthetician: 50% of tuition 

Students who receives financial aid are not required to leave a down payment.